What is India’s caste system?

I almost nodded in agreement, instantly realising how furious it made me. Yes for a Dalit woman, I live a very privileged life but what does my privilege exactly include? As far as I know, I am just a regular working class educated woman living an independent life. Apparently meeting the basic requirement makes me elite, and in my case, an elite Dalit woman. It is indeed a profound, almost soul searching task, but I am ready today. It is intrinsically and fundamentally against the notion of being a Dalit in an Indian society. Yes, I accept that I am privileged when compared to other women from my community.

World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples – India : Dalits

The police have registered a case of murder against some police personnel and the family members of a girl over the death of a Dalit youth under suspicious circumstances after he was taken into custody by the cops in Agroha of Hisar district following the alleged disappearance of the girl. A dalit youth died after allegedly being beaten up by cops for travelling without a mask at Chirala town in Prakasam district on Tuesday night.

The deceased was identified as Yaricherla Kiran Kumar from Thomaspeta area. A year-old Dalit man was allegedly stripped and assaulted by a group of 13 youth in Karnataka’s Vijayapura for reportedly touching a motorbike of an upper-caste owner, police said on Monday.

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This book is unique in many ways. First, it is written by a former RSS member who has become a radical critique of the organisation and who explains why in detail. Till date, few ex-swayamsevaks had narrated what had been their experience in the Sangh and presented the reasons why they had left it. I know only three other such testimonies. The oldest one was published by Secular democracy in , the most recent one came out almost two decades later and — probably — sometimes in between Ram Lall Dhooria published I was a Swayamsevak an undated text.

Few people leave RSS and when they do, they do not necessarily write their memoirs.

Untouchable no more: the Dalit bridegroom rejecting class prejudice

The work is a unique collection of photographs that seek to capture the lives of the Dalit populace, an ostracised minority, over six decades in Nepal. Vats analyses the interaction between readers, photographers and the subjects of the compendium, musing on the reverberations of power hierarchies in photo-archives. From a treatise dating back to on purity and social organisation, to the abundance of caste elites in contemporary leadership positions in state and civil society, the history of Nepal is illustrative of how caste-based dominance can mutate and thrive in diverse political arrangements, over vast tracts of history.

Caste as a system of social segmentation, economic deprivation and exclusion, political desubjectivation, and material expropriation touches every aspect of life in Nepal.

important and authoritative book on Hindu law and dating back to at Outside of this Hindu caste system were the achhoots – the Dalits or.

Babasaheb Ambedkar was right when he said that leaving Hinduism is the only way to fight caste. Dalit Camera is a digital platform that documents voices of Dalits, Adivasis, Bahujans, and minorities through a website and a YouTube channel by the same name. Kodungallur is where the first Indian mosque was built.

I am now Raees Mohammed. The date is significant. It is also the day when our beloved brother Rohith Vemula, who fought against caste discrimination in Hinduism, was born. Also read: Abuses Ambedkar Caravan founder faces every day: Clean my toilet, you belong to gutter. In my childhood, as a devotee of Lord Ayyappa, I had been to Kodungallur six times.

Rationalist Thanthai Periyar father had said that if one wanted to annihilate caste in 15 minutes and live with self-respect, then Islam is the only solution. Periyar had also suggested to Babasaheb Ambedkar to choose Islam as a religion for emancipation. In my years of research, I too found Islam to be the only religion in India with the strength to annihilate the caste system.

But I was curious why this easy solution to annihilate caste via Islam has never been even a reference point in Dalit movement and Dalit literature. Also read: Dear media, stop Chandrashekhar Azad vs Mayawati tales. Dalits can have more than one leader.

The caste complex: Is JNU really a love haven?

The Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia delivers this meme-friendly one-liner in the seventh episode of the hit Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. But she departs from this well-worn model in her attention to one extra characteristic: caste. This silent shadow hangs over every luxurious living room she leads viewers into.

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Tags: Caste , Dalit , Dating , Romance. And so are relationships. We are familiar with the stats from on OKcupid, which showed that black women were the least desirable group Asian men were rated lowest by single women. Closer home, there is no survey to justify a similar situation for Dalit women, for the simple reason that no one has even asked this question yet. My dating experiences began when I was in college.

I met my first romantic partner around the same time I was beginning to identify as a feminist. This was also when I was coming to terms with my Dalit identity, something I was sure would never matter. I believed love conquered everything. And love, contrary to what we have been taught, may not be the most sacred of all feelings. Our attraction for another could be a function of our social locations, defined by caste, class, race, and religion. Our decision in choosing a companion could very much be dependent on how reluctant we are in challenging status quos.

Most of my women friends I grew up with had arranged marriages, and very few dated to find their partners. We my family have also been asked to try that.

What do dating, romance and love really mean for a Dalit woman in India today?

Two different sets of actors involved in the protest are distinguished: human rights and progressive activists of the peasant NGO movement on the one hand, and the local anti-caste movement of Dalits on the other. The distinct kinds of emotion work each set of actors performed, and the framing of the massacre as an outrage to moral values, highlights how, in the mobilisation for Dalit rights, the popular language of communal outrage and the language of democratic rights articulate with and support one another.

Official neglect of Dalits, as well as the routine failure to apply the specific law meant to prevent Dalit atrocities, makes possible the occurrence of such atrocities in broad daylight. As is generally the case with violent attacks on rural Dalits, the murderers not only wanted to teach assertive Dalits a lesson, but also to flaunt how openly they could afford to do it.

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When you are a Dalit, someone is always going to have a problem with your caste, be it at school, college, office, or even a social gathering. I even knew his vasectomy plans! Not only did he act like a complete jerk, he refused to believe that he was being casteist. And oh, we met through a dating app! I come from one of the posh localities in south Delhi, so my caste is not obvious.

I would like to believe I am kind, sophisticated, good looking and intelligent. But no matter what, I will not be treated as an equal. One does not have to be in love to know how insipid it is to validate such a prejudice by even thinking of basing a decision off it, let alone actually going ahead with it. Then why are things different when it comes to caste? Even his excuses were asinine and casteist!

‘I Could Not Be Hindu’ Is a Unique Testimony to the Sangh’s’ Casteism

As long as caste in India does exist, Hindus will hardly intermarry or have any social intercourse with outsiders and if Hindus migrate to other regions on earth, Indian caste would become a world problem. Most ‘honour killings’ reported in our newspapers are caste killings, or killings in the name of caste. The issue of ‘honour’ involves not just dominant caste families but also others.

The construct of ‘honour’ is meant to control women and curb their liberty, especially with respect to the right of choosing their life partners. Marriage is an institution which has strengthened the caste system.

Telangana Men Brutally Assault And Force Year-Old Dalit Boy to Drink Urine For ‘Daring’ to Date Girl From Their Community, Arrested.

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There are currently some However, this was opposed by Gandhi and Ambedkar eventually gave up the demand. After rejecting Hindu values, in he converted to Buddhism and was later followed by a large number of converts. It is estimated that well over 10, died while , were displaced. In these shelters there was no regular supply of water.

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Two Cisco supervisors in the Golden State, Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella, are named in the suit for discriminating against and harassing a Dalit employee. New York: California regulators have sued Cisco Systems, saying an engineer faced discrimination at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters because he is a Dalit Indian. India’s caste system long placed Dalits at the bottom of a social hierarchy, once terming them “untouchables”. Inequities and violence against Dalits have persisted for decades after India banned caste discrimination.

The engineer worked on a team at Cisco’s San Jose headquarters with Indians who all immigrated to the US as adults, and all of whom were of high caste, according to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The “higher caste supervisors and co-workers imported the discriminatory system’s practices into their team and Cisco’s workplace,” the lawsuit says.

The Civil Rights Act bans employment discrimination based on race, colour, religion, sex and national origin. The lawsuit notes the employee is Dalit Indian, and that he is darker-complexioned than non-Dalit Indians. Two men who were Cisco supervisors and higher-caste Indians, Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella, are named in the suit for discriminating and harassing the employee. The employee received less pay and fewer opportunities, and when he opposed “unlawful practices, contrary to the traditional order between the Dalit and higher castes, defendants retaliated against him,” the lawsuit says.

The suit says that Iyer told other workers that the employee was Dalit and enrolled at India’s prestigious Indian Institute of Technology through affirmative action. The employee contacted Cisco human relations, wanting to file a discrimination complaint against Iyer, and then Iyer took away his responsibilities and made other changes that reduced the employee’s role and made him feel isolated from his coworkers.

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The caste system in India is the paradigmatic ethnographic example of caste. It has origins in ancient India , and was transformed by various ruling elites in medieval, early-modern, and modern India, especially the Mughal Empire and the British Raj. The caste system as it exists today is thought to be the result of developments during the collapse of the Mughal era and the rise of the British colonial regime in India. In , negative discrimination on the basis of caste was banned by law and further enshrined in the Indian constitution; however, the system continues to be practiced in India with devastating social effects.

Caste-based differences have also been practised in other regions and religions in the Indian subcontinent like Nepalese Buddhism, [10] Christianity , Islam , Judaism and Sikhism.

The caste system in India is the paradigmatic ethnographic example of caste. It has origins in A article in The Telegraph claimed that inter-caste marriage and dating were common in urban India. Indian societal and The Scheduled Castes are sometimes referred to as Dalit in contemporary literature. In , Dalits.

Follow ambazaarmag. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued Cisco Systems Inc on Tuesday after an Indian American employee accused the tech giant of discrimination, claiming he was harassed by two managers for being from a lower Indian caste than them, according to a report. While the lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in San Jose, does not name the alleged victim, the two former Cisco engineering managers, Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella, are labeled as defendants, the Reuters reported.

The managers accused of harassment for internally enforcing the Indian caste hierarchy are Brahmins. The alleged victim is a Dalit. The unnamed employee reported Iyer to human resources in November for outing him as a Dalit to the rest of his colleagues, as well as telling them the only reason he [the alleged victim] was able to enroll at the Indian Institute of Technology was through affirmative action. Both brahmins had their masters in Stanford. Even the Stanford education failed to remove their casteist mindset.

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The term Dalit means ‘oppressed’, ‘broken’ or ‘crushed’ to the extent of losing original identity. However, this name has been adopted by the people otherwise referred to as Harijans, untouchables, and has come to symbolize for them a movement for change and for the eradication of the centuries-old oppression under the caste system. In legal and constitutional terms, Dalits are known in India as scheduled castes. There are currently some The constitution requires the government to define a list or schedule of the lowest castes in need of compensatory programmes.

These scheduled castes include untouchable converts to Sikhism but exclude converts to Christianity and Buddhism; the groups that are excluded and continue to be treated as untouchables probably constitute another 2 per cent of the population.

India Christians protest discrimination against Christian Dalits on August 10, the date in that. “Franklin Caesar Thomas’s great grandparents converted to.

India’s caste system is among the world’s oldest forms of surviving social stratification. The BBC explains its complexities. The system which divides Hindus into rigid hierarchical groups based on their karma work and dharma the Hindi word for religion, but here it means duty is generally accepted to be more than 3, years old. How did caste come about?

Manusmriti , widely regarded to be the most important and authoritative book on Hindu law and dating back to at least 1, years before Christ was born, “acknowledges and justifies the caste system as the basis of order and regularity of society”. The caste system divides Hindus into four main categories – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras.

Many believe that the groups originated from Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. At the top of the hierarchy were the Brahmins who were mainly teachers and intellectuals and are believed to have come from Brahma’s head.

The Indian Dalit