Dota 2’s US East matchmaking servers are down because somebody cut a cable

Gaming is for everyone. Being disabled is not always a disadvantage as three hearing impaired gamers from South Africa explain their trials and Waves of DDoS attacks continue to plague the online gaming industry, but now they’re hitting closer to home. What does this mean for the future of We have deployed 10 Counter-Strike:Global Offensive servers for you to play on, covering the full range of stock gamplay modes including I make eco mouse mats from natural materials, all hand made with many different patterns available! I knew Peter Dickenson, he lived on a property near my parents and used my fathers workshop to do some of the engineerin Modern Warfare? So I assume everybody launches missiles with heavy explosives from drones that are miles from th PlayStation players in South Africa, if you would like to have PlayStation Now, please consider having a look at this pe

How to install Counter-Strike: GO server on CentOS 7

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Ubisoft just unveiled in its official website a Rainbow Six Siege status report addressing the major problems in the game. After the release of Operation Steel Wave a few weeks ago, it was finally the right time for the Canadian company to come with a serious plan. Ubisoft is fully aware of all R6S long-standing issues, like cheating or toxicity, and working behind the scenes to plan its counterattack.

In this report, Ubisoft acknowledged all these long-standing problems. The company also told the public its long term plans to solve these issues. The Ubisoft team taking care of Rainbow Six Siege is taking a firm stance against cheating and toxicity. Developers want to promote a healthy and positive gaming environment. They are planning to create a full blog regarding how they implement anti-cheat measures.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Tinfoil hats off, is this a real thing or one of those stories to keep children scared like the boogy man?

Using PureVPN, improve your online matchmaking experience and play in any This helps save time and connects you instantly to games such as Dota 2, PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO, and others. Getting DDoS while gaming can be full of rage.

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Cs go matchmaking unavailable today

The multiplayer first-person shooter video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive abbreviated CS:GO has exploded in popularity in recent months, and, at the time of writing, it is still soaring in popularity. You can visit Steam’s Stat Page and see where the game’s currently standing. The game has an “Official Matchmaking” option. This selects a nearby server, owned by Steam, where you can play against other players from around the world.

It can be fun, as you get an endless supply of enemy skill levels and play styles. However, you have no control over who joins the server, what the rules and settings there are.

If you’re angry “go shoot at targets for a couple hours to let off steam son!” And then the targets become people. · @Bobbypop @LarryFlick​.

Overnight, some CounterStrike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 players in US East may have unexpectedly been lifted from their games and unable to get online due to the most bizarre of reasons; a single cable had been cut which completely crashed the Valves servers in this region. Last night Valve tweeted on the official Dota 2 account that “The US East matchmaking server cluster is offline temporarily. There is a cut fibre cable causing a wide area outage in the hosting region.

In the meantime we suggest queuing in other servers”. Normally servers crash through capacity issues, clogged servers or even DDoS attacks, alongside purposeful reasons why the servers would be down such as maintenance, but in the most astounding circumstances, a cut cable sent thousands of players on in the USA to head onto different servers and experience laggy gameplay. Whilst there has been no official announcement that the servers are back up and running, players can just as easily queue in different servers until they are fixed, or backed up.

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From my understanding, its not a P2P system either. This is not a subliminal attempt to figure out how to ddos people. This is a fellow csgo player trying to understand further what is going on ingame. It has got to the point that i will be using winscribe when I play csgo. If I get ddos’d ill just wait till match is over and turn off VPN.

Cause im sure as hell not going to stop yelling at idiots.

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Rainbow Six Siege status report plans to solve long-standing issues

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Able to run as a console game on Windows, MacOSX, and most recently, Linux, Counter-Strike:GO is a first-person shooter that features brand new maps, characters, and game modes alongside with classic Counter-Strike content. This game is notable for the fact that it allows players to host their own servers, resulting in a high degree of possible gameplay through the ability to introduce individual customization.

If you are interested in setting up your CentOS 7 server to run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this guide will show you the necessary steps. In this tutorial, a new user will also be created specifically for running the game. Before we can progress to the actual installation and setup process of Counter-Strike:GO for your server, it is good practice to ensure that you have the latest information from the Linux package repository concerning available packages and package versions.

Using the default package manager, yum, we can fetch this information first with the command update, before then upgrading the available packages. Make sure your system is up to date by executing these two commands as root to update the information and then upgrade required packages. If you are not the root user, but your current user has superuser privileges, precede both of the following commands and all further root commands with the additional command sudo to execute it as root.

You may be prompted for the root password when using sudo. In order to be able to access Steam as well as complete the rest of the tutorial, you will need to install the following prerequisite libraries and packages using yum, this time with the install command:.

Cs go matchmaking ddos

Not so long ago I started playing an MM match. Few rounds into the game a person started flaming me and I lost the connection to the server for like 10 seconds and then I regained it. Once I regained the connection, the same person posted my IP address in the chat and threatened to cut down my internet connection. I didn’t believe him, but half a minute later my internet went down completely.

FASTDL Custom game server hosting solutions counter strike source global offensive. In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, France (20GB DDoS Protection), Johannesburg, South Africa (​10GB DDoS.

PUBG players have had a tough time since the release of season six. Several new bugs and overall performance issues have made the game difficult to play and players are upset with the lack of communication from PUBG Corp. The letter discusses several issues in PUBG and first addresses the large problem with cheaters. PUBG Corp. Another issue is poor performance across all platforms and game crashes.

The attacks reached an all-time high last November and increased again this month. The impact of DDoS attacks has been reduced by 85 percent. The letter also addressed issues with the new Team Deathmatch mode, such as long matchmaking times or teams with more than eight players. A hotfix has been released to address some of these issues, but the matchmaking time bug is still present and the developers are working on a solution.

The issue with custom match presets not working properly is also being worked on. Other small problems, such as a glitch on Karakin, have been addressed. If the remaining issues are quickly resolved, fans can get back to enjoying the battle royale.

DDos hack or something like that…

Basically, the enemy team is getting destroyed in competitive match. He hangs up instantly himself, but one minute later, me and my mate couldn’t move anymore, and we were getting connection problems. We went on my iPhone internet, went back in the server and said WTF to him. He then called again on Steam, and wooops..

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CS:GO – DDOSing the entire enemy team!