Beyond books: Minnesota’s rural libraries find playful ways to remain relevant

African-American librarians are the gateway conservators of our history; their existence in the profession will play a vital role in the 21st century. The writer took me into the world of a family who believed in love, perseverance, and faith. It was also the first time that I started to understand what race meant in the United States. An African-American librarian suggested that I read the book, and I will forever be grateful that she did. From that point on in my life, I started collecting books. It would never occur to me that I would one day be entering the profession of librarianship. I have come to understand today that research librarian, Julius Jefferson, Jr. As bibliographers they saved literature, memoirs, slave documents, and academic papers—with limited resources. Since that time, there have been numerous African-American librarians who have created library collections and archives. Dolly B.

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Highline College Library – the building is closed until further notice, but staff are working remotely to support you. Check the hours Highline librarians are online! To enjoy the wilderness in summer, the library presents a recommended reading list , focusing on walking in the wilderness, hiking in the mountains, swimming in the water, camping in the woods, running on the beach, kayaking on the rivers, and more!

Our Anti-Racist Guide is designed to share anti-racist resources and expand anti-racism work within Highline College and our community.

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Should you date a librarian?

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7 Reasons Librarians Are The Secret Superheroes Of The Books World

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Apr 21, – Behind every good library is an even better librarian. Online Dating Safety For Men Library Humor, Elementary Library, Blind Dates, Books For.

Among them was Jeremiah Lee, a year-old software engineer who said he had not stepped librarian in a public library in years. Lee, who wore a deep purple fleece and blue jeans for the occasion. Then the men rotated, book in tow, to the next woman. Later, librarians would tally scorecards and connect any two people who indicated mutual interest. Is attraction possible for a Jonathan Franzen reader and a die-hard Elizabeth Gilbert fan?

Those are the types of questions librarians are starting to field. In a kind of hearts-and-flowers site drive, public libraries across the country are sponsoring speed-date nights to draw more young professionals into reading rooms. In Fort Collins, Colo. The main library in Sacramento recently hosted its second event. Libraries in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Harry Potter and the Librarian’s Dilemma

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Librarians at the New York Public Library have been issued a memorandum, leaked to DragonFruit News outlining the rules that have been.

By Anne Ford November 1, Social norms change, life events like divorce and death leave emotional scars, and it sometimes feels as if the rest of the world has already paired off. Several public libraries have begun offering programs that help older patrons safely and effectively meet potential partners on the internet.

Among those are Westport Conn. Public Library, Skokie Ill. Public Library, and Billings Mont. Public Library.

11 Awesome Libraries and Librarians!

One of the most powerful things I can do for my students is work to promote reading for fun and helping students find books that they will enjoy. I feel like middle school is one of those key times in life where many students either take the path to become a life-long reader…or not. I always get great feedback from teachers and students with this activity…they love it! By the final round, about half of the students will typically have a book that they want to check out. I did this several weeks ago with my 8th graders, and this week the 6th graders are having their turn.

Do you do something similar to this?

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After crossing a road a whitetail buck in velvet heads into a woods in Silverwood Park. After the Willmar Public Library closed on a recent Friday evening, Syrena Maranell handed out Nerf blasters and safety glasses and then gamely offered to be the first zombie. Defying the shushing librarian stereotype, Maranell, head of adult services, hoped the playful battle would offer people in her small city two hours west of the Twin Cities the chance to have some fun in an unexpected setting.

Public libraries are shedding their stuffy, book-bound image as fast as Maranell chased her patrons through the dimly lit stacks, dodging a spray of foam pellets. In an era when people can research almost anything on their smartphones, libraries are moving beyond their role as information repositories to meet the changing needs of their communities. Around the country, a sharp uptick in programming more than million visitors attend American public library events each year has encouraged residents to see the library as a place for recreation and connection.

In addition to zombie Nerf wars, the Willmar library hosts escape rooms and teen lock-ins. Rural libraries fill a role played by commercial businesses in urban areas, which already have plenty of escape rooms and paint-your-plate shops, said Girres. In contrast to joining a club or team or taking part at an event in a bar or restaurant — which often costs money or requires a certain skill level — library events are free and open to people of all abilities.

The Rock County library sponsors several off-site events, including its trivia series and Bad Art Night, where attendees compete to create the ugliest artwork with leftover craft supplies. But Jarvie tries to link back to the library, awarding bonus points to trivia team members who can show a library card or have taken a selfie with a librarian. And while librarians have plenty of their own ideas in the pipeline — a how-to festival, a haunted library — they always encourage patrons to make suggestions.

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As a result, the most important voices — that is, those who are managed — are, ironically, often absent in the conversation on best practices. In this panel presentation, librarians from academic, school, and public libraries will share specific aspects of their work environments that contribute to their contentment, morale, and productivity. Attendees will leave the presentation with concrete examples of programs, accountability structures, and management strategies that can be implemented at their libraries to promote a more positive workplace environment.

This business meeting will include the officers, members-at-large, and auxiliary volunteers for the and FLS Boards. The FLS Board conducts meetings via conference call about every two months year-round, and this is only our second opportunity to meet face-to-face this year, allowing us to connect a voice with a face!

These librarians help patrons over 50 learn the online dating rules.

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Originally posted on the Share This blog. Did you know libraries have existed almost since the beginning of the written word? A collection of 30, clay tablets found in ancient Mesopotamia are said to date back more than 5, years.

The authors examined job descriptions dating from through that were featured in advertisements for both metadata librarians and cataloging.

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Dating site for librarians

Library collections serve all populations, so should they not represent all people? What prevents us from creating inclusive collections? Building collections that are inclusive with representation of diverse voices provides authentic stories that share the wealth and richness of other cultures, lived experiences, and traditions. Already a subscriber?

Librarians & Researchers An exceptional window into fashion history, this new resource will feature over , catwalk and street style images dating back.

They have come in boxes and will be available to the public on the morning of August 1 st , the day after the fictional 36 th birthday of the fictional boy wizard. It has been speculated that the date is significant because Sundays are terrible for releasing anything. Librarians at the New York Public Library have been issued a memorandum, leaked to DragonFruit News outlining the rules that have been implemented for this weekend.

Books regularly arrive at branches of the library prior to their official release, with advance readers being distributed to members of evaluating committees in the hopes of receiving a coveted book jacket quote from the NYPL. Librarians, while allowed to reserve the books for their own consumption after the official release date, have been forbidden by the Library to read or even open the coveted books over the weekend. This is pursuant to an agreement with the publisher, Scholastic, for reasons unknown.

The contents of a Harry Potter novel has always been a closely held secret until the date of release, so it is reasonable to assume that restrictions have been put on the librarians for the same reason as the general public. Our NYPL source has said that the memorandum, leaked today, has threatened any librarian with termination should they even so much as glance in the direction of the sacred books. I need to go get some FroYo. What secrets lie in the pages of this secret tome?

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The Insulting Librarian – Mitchell & Webb